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I have found out that most of my worries are not important enough to worry about. I hope this is the same with you. This will help you trust God more.

How I’ve Felt God’s Love

Sometimes at the end of the day these worries are not worth stressing over. It is very hard not to worry. My Job stressful , but I feel that God is preparing me for something more important that requires me to go through these struggles. I have to trust him on this. I want to get to the next step in my career and my life so i must go through this. The good thing about this is i focus ahead on my future and what is to come. Never on the present. I also have health issues.

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They are not as serious as others. But they are serious enough to care for myself and have faith on my doctors. Another thing is my schooling. As many may know that full time work and full time school is very stressful you have no time for yourself or anything for that matter. But i do anyways. This is because i feel that God has messages for me at every service.

I have learned something new after every service. Another thing i want to mention is pray as much as you can. This i feel will help. One last thing, I recently heard someone say that there is no power in prayer.

Answers to Prayer: 15 Inspiring Stories about God's Love and Care / Digital original - eBook

His mindset on this was because God ultimately has power over everything. To add he was a practicing pastor. This statement is unfortunate. Our prayers are the only way to communicate with God. This is how he hears us. God wants us to talk to him about everything. Life is tough and God needs us to talk to him. God knows if you are struggling. Also, God knows who has a Genuine honest heart. So if you do then you then I feel you should have nothing to worry about. I like to occupy my time in helping others. I do this instead of worrying.

Of course i slip up from time to time but we are human so it is expected. Hi Nad I just Googled- how to trust God when you see nothing — and this post came up. Everything we have myself and my husband worked for for years sometimes over distance so many sacrificed to be able to rise above the extremely poor background we both come from.

We have lived abroad in Europe for the past 10years and just when we file the final application to become citizens of where we have lived our application gets rejected for no good reason. I struggle to see God in all of this. We have simply been going round in circles with the justice system that is customised to suit the demands of the government. Not worthy to be here — alive. How unfair is all of this. Please help me. I am in the middle of a crisis — I am a divorced and remarried mother of 3 children. I have been a stay at home mom their whole life.

I have always been with them. After the divorce, I moved to another state with them, with the courts permission. Very long story short, several years later, my children are being forced to return to their father, even though they do not want that. I am in such despair. I have been trying to have faith, yet my whole life, my faith has been weak. We belong to a wonderful church and have joined in community groups and truly feel the outpouring of love and concern from them. I am trying to give my life to God — to surrender my problems to him.

I have begged, pleaded for the Lord to speak to me, help me, help my children. So I feel it harder to put complete trust in Him. Why would God allow my innocent children to be broken and harmed? Why would he allow so much pain and suffering? Why does he seem to answer some and not others, such as myself?

Please Lord, speak to me. Show me the way.

Protect my children. I was born to two parents who have both been divorced under really sad circumstances, and there is so much I want to change in their lives from before I was born out of respect of their privacy I will not tell you — but it makes me very sad. Their pain may even help you, right here!

This pain is beyond you! And I am often a sufferer of wallowing in my pain — I am right now, and a lot of this applies to me, and that is why I feel I can even try to help you. You have God behind you, and you have the love of your children that He has given to you. Is there anything you can do to be closer to your children, like move back to that state? Or if your children are being moved back under questionable law, can you join a society or start a movement for your children?

And it doesn't have to be that big — Just sharing your story here has helped others!! It's even helped me! Great advice is that when God is silent, write your emotions down. It is about looking to God in suffering.

Stories of Faith #01- George Muller Miracle Story

I love this and I have hard time beliving that he has it all figured out. But now know. Bless you. Hi really enjoy that reading that u gave on trust in the lord loving it will always keep that in my notes. Thank you for the true and encouraging words! Even though I have seen God help me many times through out my life I still sometimes struggle with my faith. I know he is at work and that trust are and obedience are necessary.

Please help I was in restoration process on last of 7 days directions and I was not understanding what it meant he was giving me signs and then he tried to either give me his presence or baptism of holy spirit back or the holy spirit. And I got afraid I would fail him or pride would come back in me so I told him no. And now I am afraid and empty inside like I have no savior anymore. Please help. One of the best things about God is that He and His love are always there.

I used to get the same thoughts, so I understand. There is no one, no thing that could love you more than God, and that is always there. All the condemnation so horrible! Why would good try to defeat good happening? Get out there! Thank you for this message! I am in the midst of preparing a sermon focused on Proverbs and came across this message and found so much anointing and truth in the words revelaed. I wanted to see if I had your permission to ise some of the material presented here in my sermon on sunday?

I am specifically looking at the tweets you posted as well as a few phrases that you used which I feel co vey what I am trying to say for Sunday. Most of us Christians say that we trust God. If we trusted in God entirely,we all would be using the athority that He has given us to use the the name of Jesus, to cast out demons, to heal the sick, desire sight to the blind, to set at liberty the oppressed, to set the at liberty the captives and the best one of all to preach the whole gospel to the poor.

When we know His Word we will trust Him. He is not a man that He should lie. But I do not worry as I used to! For example, I know that God heals today, but I hesitate to pray for someone with something serious because I am afraid of what people will say if that person is not healed for example. Or sometimes I am afraid of being ridiculed. So that is selfish on my part because I am thinking about my feelings and not their need.

Maybe they will get healed miraculously! I believe trust can continue to be built using what Wendelin said in his three points, and in that sequence. I have typed them here again — thanks Wendelin. Not just thoughts with thoughts but speaking out loud as Wendelin said. My prayer often was and still is a little of — Lord, give me patience but hurry up! We recently moved house and it took over a year for us to sell our house and get moved. But now that we have moved, we can see why it did not happen at the time we wanted it to happen.

A lack of patience is what causes me most to doubt God. But as someone commented above — God is never late! God also has good plans for His children! It is as you allude to Stephen, trust in Him will continue to be built as we stay connected to the Word, spend time with Him reading and mediating on the Scripture. I have been struggling a a lot with putting my complete trust in anything.

I am a firm believer and sister of Jesus Christ. I really liked this and I hope it helps me. I am highly bless with this indept survey of the mystery of God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you so very much for being a blessing for our generation. Thanks for this encouraging message.

I just made what I think is a big mistake and I was having difficulty believing that God can pull me through this in spite of the mistake. Your message is just what I needed to hear. I believe this is one of the so much vital information for me. And i am happy reading your article. However want to observation on few general things, The website taste is ideal, the articles is in reality nice : D.

Excellent task, cheers. Thank you for your encouragement. I recently started my own blog Light in the Darkness and wrote an article on the same topic of trusting God in difficult moments, however today I found myself needing some encouragement as we all do from time to time and discovered your article. I thank you sincerely for reassuring me that the God that I serve is an ontime God who never fails.

I pray that your ministry will be blessed and you will do that which God has called you to do to empower Christians to be the best version of themselves. Im having trouble to with trust i know he has always came through its just hard to sit and wait for the answer when most of the time im getting my head handed to me on a plate..

I am a 82 year old grandmother. So I am ashamed to admit that I am depressed and anxious. My children and grandchildren are putting God on the back burner. I worry about them and do not know what to do ,deciding where and when to live out my remaining years. After years of Bible Study, I lack maturity in trusting God. I know God is disgusted by my lack of trust. Hope there are not other elderly Christians in this situation. Maybe I just lack self-control? He has and always will Love you. As long as you believe in him, you will be protected by his grace. I am not that old but do know what it feels like to lack trust and to worry about what God thinks of it or if he will show up and help me change my fears to trust.

But I also know that nothing with God is as simple as what we can see or feel. I am curently in a great fearful season of anxiety and stress, and a big fear of mine is that I will live the rest of my life like this. I have to remember that this is a season and that God will get me through. I just have to spend time in his word, in prayer, loving others. That is how we will get closer to him. Well,i am here because i am seeking help. From my earliest memory, about age three, i have questioned ,in my mind,adults around me.

I mean i could see so called believers not believing. I could see terrible things happening to others, all the injustices, all the innocence lost , all the pain. I still wish this. When i say that i was born in pain i mean i have never bean of a clear mind, never comfortable, because it seemed almost everyone suffered or was sad or abused in some way or another. I thought i could recognize this at such an early age.

So, when i see that wrongs do not get righted, i feel so guilty. Rightfully so. In my mind. I have always abused myself , horribly, mentally, spiritually. I blame myself because my lack of action to a situation has made things worse for everyone else. I feel if i had just stepped in, gotten involved, at the right time, i could have prevented others suffering. I have walked the edge of a deep part of the ocean with way too much weight on my shoulders.

I was going in. Some power pulled me from that. I was going too send,had it all boxed and ready, marijuana to a friend in the service, but had a visit by some power in middle of night. Got up and threw that package in trash. Got a letter from friend next day,how strange, that said he and another friend, who had sent him a package, were going to prison and getting a dishonorable discharges because of package.

That could have,should have maybe, been me. Why not? So many things, like mountain lion one foot in front of my face, like falling asleep for five miles without going off road. So many more. Like doing one hundred on motorcycle into 90 degree blind turn No , not miracles, but, wow! Or was it? What i feel is i do not want for myself. I want for others.

So i feel bad if God waste these, much needed by others, miracles on me. I have never felt that valuable. I have mostly been a keep to myself, never get involved, never get noticed sort of guy. I have escaped so much that i probably should have suffered tho. And feel guilty forever for it. I am now over 60 years of suffering. I am tired. Divorced and in a cave for last 15 years. Divorced because all i did was work. I do not now, no reason to. Still have ill thoughts. Still looking, albeit weakly, for that certain intervention, that voice calling to me, that lightning bolt to the brain sort of thing.

Something i can grab onto. I need a reason. I seek but do not find. Have i been rejected? I am sorry for my lack of faith in the past, or still. Sometimes it feels that i get really close then the doors slam shut. I do know better but why has my entire ,almost, life been such a riddle?

Why o why does it have to be a riddle? I am a numbskull ,simpleminded, and this should ,the seeking and finding thing, be easier and more vivid. Why put me thru these trials that i cannot understand? Just implant into my head what it is i need to survive and understand and trust you Lord. I have done it on my own far too long. Feel me. Hold me. Am at the end. I love The End. My dear brothers and sisters and my brother Joe.

Like we have physical infirmities, sometimes we can have mental infirmities. We can have chemical imbalances in our minds. There are medications that can help. Joe, if you have not tried this, I strongly encourage you to. See your General practitioner for help. Then continue you search for our wonderful Savior and begin a life of trusting Him.

My mother was just diagnosed with stage four cancer. Thank you for this article and for helping me remember how to trust our Savior! Please keep my family in your prayers. Wendelin, Thank you for that. Simple yet full of Wisdom and just what I needed for the moment as I tend to complicate things and in doing so I allow confusion into my mind. Wendelin and others please continue to share your thoughts. God bless! He wants us to believe in His promises when we think that things are going to get worse. So how can you trust God when you feel like trusting God is impossible?

Read on to find out. First of All, What is Trust? Then why is it so hard for us to trust Him? God is never too good to be true.

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Here are a few exercises: 1. Surrender yourself and all of your troubles to God. Tweet Let Him be the Master of you and of everything in your life. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones. For example: Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths. Tweet Key Takeaway Trust God with your life. All you have to do is trust that He will come through for you. Dave on July 15, at pm. Wendelin- I want to personally thank you for taking the time to share the God given gifts Jesus has provided to you.

Wendelin Phillips on July 16, at pm. Dear Dave, You are very welcome. Wendy Urbina on January 8, at pm. Brian Dunkel on August 10, at pm.

Thank you. A well written message received at the right time. Wendelin Phillips on August 11, at pm. You are welcome. Anonymous on October 21, at am. Anonymous on November 1, at am. This is truly encouraging,I have given my friends the link, so they can too be blessed. Anonymous on November 6, at pm. Anonymous on November 11, at am. Simple but powerful message. Thanks for sharing. I am encouraged by this message, May God continue working through you to bring joy into the lives of other christians Reply.

Gina on December 2, at am. Dexter on March 23, at pm. God continues to bless you!!! My apologies Reply. Hi Donna, This is my first time to this site and to be honest I pretty much never right on the Internet but I saw your post and felt compelled to respond. Kara Reply. What affects one affects the others. See John Why did God give health principles to His people? Automobile manufacturers place an operations manual in the glove compartment of each new car because they know what is best for their creation. With our cooperation, God can use these great health laws to significantly reduce and eliminate the effects of the diseases of Satan Psalm , 3.

He is not a harsh dictator, but a loving Father. All His counsel is for our good always. So if God withholds a thing from us, it is because it is not good for us. Note: No person can eat his or her way into heaven. Only acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior can do that. What did God give people to eat when He created them in a perfect environment? Vegetables were added a little later Genesis What items are specifically mentioned by God as being unclean and forbidden? Read both chapters in full. All animals that do not both chew the cud and have a split hoof Deuteronomy All fish and water creatures that do not have both fins and scales Deuteronomy Nearly all fish are clean.

All birds of prey, carrion eaters, and fish eaters Leviticus — Note: These chapters make it clear that most animals, birds, and water creatures people ordinarily eat are clean. There are, however, some notable exceptions. If a person likes pork and eats it, will he really be destroyed at the second coming? When God says to leave something alone and not eat it, we should by all means obey Him. After all, the eating of forbidden fruit by Adam and Eve brought sin and death to this world in the first place.

Noah lived long before any Jews existed, but he knew of the clean and unclean animals, because he took into the ark the clean ones by sevens and the unclean ones by twos. Revelation refers to some birds as being unclean just before the second coming of Christ. The death of Christ did not in any way affect or change these health laws, since the Bible says that all who break them will be destroyed when Jesus returns Isaiah — These health laws are for all people for all time.

Does the Bible say anything about the use of alcoholic beverages? The Bible strongly warns against the use of alcoholic beverages. Does the Bible warn against the use of other harmful substances, such as tobacco? The Bible gives six reasons why the use of harmful substances, such as tobacco, are displeasing to God: A. The use of harmful substances injures health and defiles the body. If anyone defiles the temple of God, God will destroy him. Nicotine is an addictive substance that enslaves people.

Romans says that we become servants to whomever or whatever we yield ourselves. Tobacco users are slaves to nicotine. The tobacco habit is unclean. The use of harmful substances wastes money. The use of harmful substances weakens our ability to discern the promptings of the Holy Spirit. The use of harmful substances is a fleshly lust. The use of harmful substances shortens life.

20 Inspirational Bible Verses About God’s Love

Science has confirmed that the use of tobacco can dramatically shorten life spans. Even though it is slow murder, it is still murder. One of the best ways to postpone your funeral is to quit using tobacco. What are some of the simple yet important health laws found in the Bible? Eat your meals at regular intervals, and do not use animal fat or blood. Note: Science has confirmed that most heart attacks result from high cholesterol—and that the use of fats is largely responsible for high levels of cholesterol. Overeating, a form of intemperance, is responsible for many degenerative diseases.

Don't harbor envy or hold grudges. These kinds of sinful feelings actually disrupt body processes.

First of All, What is Trust?

Christ even commanded us to clear up grudges that others might hold against us Matthew , Maintain a cheerful, happy disposition. Many diseases from which people suffer are a result of depression. A cheerful, happy disposition imparts health and prolongs life! Put full trust in the Lord. Trust in the Lord strengthens health and life. Balance work and exercise with sleep and rest.

Even in the night his heart takes no rest. Keep your body clean. Be temperate in all things. A Christian should completely avoid things that are harmful and be moderate in the use of things that are good. They are suicide on the installment plan. Avoid anything harmful to the body 1 Corinthians , This might surprise you, but medical science confirms that tea, coffee, and soft drinks that contain the drug caffeine and other harmful ingredients are damaging to the human body.

None of these contains food value except through the sugar or cream added, and most of us already use too much sugar. Stimulants give a damaging, artificial boost to the body and are like trying to carry a ton in a wheelbarrow. The popularity of these drinks is due not to flavor or advertising, but to the doses of caffeine and sugar they contain. Many Americans are sickly because of their addiction to coffee, tea, and soft drinks.

This delights the devil and damages human lives. Make mealtime a happy time. Unhappy scenes at mealtime hinder digestion. Avoid them. Help those who are in need. This is too plain to misunderstand: When we help the poor and needy, we improve our own health. Ignoring these laws can bring disastrous results! Trouble comes when we ignore the laws of health. God, in mercy, tells us what these laws are so we may avoid the tragedies that result from breaking them.

What shocking truth about health involves our children and grandchildren? All filthy habits defile a person. Use of improper food defiles a person Daniel It is sobering but true. Choosing their own ways and those things in which God does not delight will end up costing people their eternal salvation Isaiah , 4, 15— What should every sincere Christian endeavor to do at once?