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The true weakness of the work is the overly high, overly chirpy voice of the reader that sounds as if would be better for a children's story. While that is something of a negative this work is more than worth the discounted price; it is heartily recommended. Always good to hear another's story of this illness, unfortunately this was nearly impossible to listen to. Narrator sounds like she's reading a Judy Blume book to a class of fifth graders, not someone's experience with mental illness. What a terrible disservice to Erin's experience.

I'm in the early phase of a diagnosis of Bipolar 1 and was recommended this book by a member of an email list for mental health support. I'm about the same age as the author and having the perspective of a fellow young adult with mental illnesses gives me all the more confidence that I'm not alone and I can get through this! When Erin admits to not being able to stop wetting the bed because of her illness.

Did Heidi Tabing do a good job differentiating all the characters?

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Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting? I would have listened to it all at once bc I heard so much of my own story being told in Erin's, but alas life still must go on outside of books. Any additional comments? Thank you Erin Callinan for sharing your story and also expressing how important it is to be proactive in our own care.

FLASHBACK: Carrie Fisher Talks Candidly About Her Personal Struggles With Mental Health Issues

We are our own biggest advocates. Heidi Tabing was a distraction for me at times. I really enjoyed it.

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  8. It helps me to not feel alone in this world. From a side of a friend who has bipolar, I learned a lot of the struggle he has been through. Good story. Liked it a lot. Excellent sharing of the struggle one faces with a chemical imbalance bipolar. Depression is the thief that steals us from our family and mania is the nuclear bomb that creates so much collateral damage because of our lack of good judgement.

    Bipolar Disorder and Self-Advocacy: My Journey Towards Autonomy and Resilience

    Silken: So when you were feeling glittery and exciting and powerful you resisted help. When they explained this to me, I finally saw it was about science and brain health. Everybody has an experience with mental health challenges except a very tiny portion of people. Silken: Why is the label of Bipolar Disorder so hard to accept for someone who is suffering? Look at the life I have, everything is in balance. I am so open on stage that people who have issues come up and I hug them and ask them if they are getting help. Some of the young girls, I will whisper to them, If you battle hard one day you will find out it is the biggest gift you have been given , because being bipolar can be really wonderful when you have it controlled.

    When you have been to a place in life where nothing matters and come out of it, everything matters — every detail.

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    And when you come out of it, you have the insight that there is a greater energy in this world than we know of. Silken: You have been deeply depressed and you have lost your joy.

    On the stigma of mental illness:

    Margaret: My joy was taken away not by my mental illness, but by the loss of my boy. Too much sorrow, it was just too much for me to handle.

    Ask Carrie Fisher: my husband has been seeing prostitutes. Can I trust him again?

    But I am so smart and I am such a good actress that I was able to convince people that I was fine. In reality I was alone, in the dark, drinking Scotch good Scotch , smoking dope, giving up. I had no more will to live, and I actually wanted to die. In our depression, we are taken out of our family life. We can no longer contribute and we just get stolen by our illness and lost in a grey world and lack of feeling. Her sorrow is visceral for me, a loss I can literally feel as she speaks. It was only when her family intervened that she got help, and even then she did it for them not for herself.

    She took medication and she got better. Ultimately medication was powerful, but behavioural therapy made a huge difference in her life. I did three years of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which takes all your guilty thoughts, your mean thoughts, your wincing-with-pain thoughts and allows you to forgive yourself first of all, and then shows you other ways you can be thinking and that there is benefit even in bad things — collateral beauty.

    Silken: Forgiveness. I think self-forgiveness is hard won. I remember the first session I had when I was starting to come out of my mania.

    Pete Earley - Bestselling Author and Mental Health Advocate

    What have you done wrong? The guilt, it eats you. The worst demon is how much we hate ourselves, how little value we put on ourselves. The illness takes us, then we hate ourselves, and you wake up and you find out that your family has been waiting for the day when you come back because they love you so much. Silken: And yet, you raised five amazing children. They sound like beautiful people. You did that. Margaret: I was a great mom, in spite of my bipolar, or maybe because of it.

    I loved to play, I was real with my kids, and if I cried, I cried. I think being a mother is such a strong force that it trumps even mental illness at times. We get up even though we want to pull the cover over our heads; we get up and we do the things we have to do because we love our children. Silken: What would you share with families who have a loved one with bipolar disorder?