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Overall I think this graphic is great to get you started on Twitter -- or maybe to get you excited about it again. View Hide comments 2. Back to blog. Social Media Tips Twitter Infographics. Can you really double your Twitter followers in just 5 minutes per day? What if you have more than that? You're better than average! Below are 9 tips to help you do that. Perfect Your Profile Before someone follows you, they'll usually take a glance at your profile.

Tweet More It stands to reason that if you aren't tweeting, people won't retweet you -- which is the quickest way to get followers. So ramp up the tweets!

And make sure you're tweeting on a consistent basis. Schedule Your Tweets We obviously highly agree with this tip! Scheduling your social media posts not only saves you time but also leads to more followers.

Because it makes you consistent and predictable. There are many great apps for scheduling tweets Use Your Connections In social media it's not about who you know but who knows you! Buying Twitter followers is not a good option. You will still be a walking dead but with more bought followers. Getting more followers is not as difficult as it seems.

However, you must follow some steps to make that path easier. Your account will grow like a weed. This is a very powerful tool to help increase your followers on Twitter.

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Although your blog will be independent from your Twitter account, people will read your publications , their interest will be captured and therefore, they will probably follow you on Twitter. If you want to get more Twitter followers, you must include your link or user name in other social platforms like Facebook, Instagram or your blog. If you participate in an event or collaborate in other blogs, ask them to mention your Twitter account. This is a great way to increase followers. State your name so users will easily find you. Here you can show your professional or personal side, depending on your target.

Use this content wisely, so your potential followers can understand who you are and especially, what your Twitter account is all about. Using good images with the correct size on Instagram is really important, so here I let you a post where you can see which are the correct sizes:. You must know to whom your content will be oriented before you start tweeting.

You must establish who your target audience will be in order to know the tone and language you will use. You can also automate content, such as Metricool autolists. Where you add tweet lists and they publish themselves in a circular way.

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People will look closely at the first two tweets that appear on your profile. This platform lets you set a tweet at the beginning of your timeline, so it will be easily seen by users as soon as they enter your profile. Having a captivating tweet will help you to get more followers and make a great first impression with your audience. You can also analyze which hashtags are trending more and if they fit in your editorial plan, use them. This strategy will also help you to reach more Twitter followers.

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Interact with people who are already following you. Ask questions or create your own surveys to stimulate their interest and improve engagement on Twitter. Once you establish a relationship with them you can take advantage of those interactions. Besides, this allows you to show other tweets in addition to yours. Asking your followers to retweet your content sometimes works and spreads your content on Twitter, so you will reach more people. If you analyze your Twitter account , you will know how many followers you earn or lose and when it happens.

You will also learn how many interactions you get by publication and at what time of the day your followers are more active. You should study your audience to know their interests or how you can draw their attention. Metricool also gives you the option to analyze your Twitter account where you can find metrics as follows:. If you send too many direct messages, your followers might find it annoying and stop following you. Asking for retweets, likes or any other type of interaction in excess can put people off. Avoid very repetitive tweets because users will unfollow you.

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Nobody likes spam. I warned you at the beginning of this article. There are no tricks to get more followers on Twitter quickly. It relieves my mind lol.

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What can we expect more from yall? I bought the regular ones and for a second I thought that I ordered them wrong. Followers came in immediately and I'm speechless, great opportunity for you if you just started on Twitter. Followers Quantity. Get Free Followers. More Followers. More Retweets. Order Now. What is Twitter and How Does it Work? There are Limitless Opportunities Opportunities begin to arise the further you grow your follower base. This may help catch their attention, leading them to follow you or even retweet your content. Use links in your tweets. Tweets with links gain more retweets than those without.

Ask for retweets. Include images with your tweets. Promote your Twitter account on your other social media accounts. Post engaging, informative and relative content.