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Wade, and who had a contentious relationship with Burger. Blackmun agreed to go on the show. He shared desk space with another general-assignment reporter, Kent Shocknek, who later became the anchor of the morning newscast. This is the guy! We have to get him before he leaves! After a few years, Levin quit and joined the CBS affiliate. On June 13, , O. But Levin had made an error.

The time stamp depicted the moment that the footage had been filed—at p. In the early aughts, he successfully pitched an idea to Telepictures, a division of Warner Bros. Simpson case offered a glaring example of how differently the law was applied to celebrities and to ordinary citizens. Levin had witnessed this double standard himself.

At the same time, celebrity-friendly clubs in Hollywood touted their lenient policies with respect to minors. Levin also disapproved of the way that publicists leveraged access to celebrities in order to control the media coverage of their clients. A Web site called the Smoking Gun was already publishing such documents online. It often aired late at night, and it struggled to find viewers. Nevertheless, Jim Paratore, the president of Telepictures, wanted to find Levin another project. Paratore discussed the idea with Jim Bankoff, an executive at America Online.

Time Warner, the corporate parent of Warner Bros. Bankoff, who is now the chairman of Vox Media, liked the concept: Telepictures would supply the content, and AOL would handle the technical and commercial side. Telepictures offered Levin the opportunity to run the site. Levin suggested an abbreviated version: TMZ. The domain name tmz. Levin drove a Mercedes. On one of the first nights, its lone cameraman caught Paris Hilton and her boyfriend leaving a club in her Bentley, crashing into a parked truck, and fleeing the scene. It was an auspicious start, and Web traffic soon soared to more than ten million unique visitors a month.

Last month, according to Quantcast, TMZ. People had choices. At the start, Levin had only a dozen or so employees. He was selective about whom he brought on, prizing loyalty, energy, and connections over experience. After TMZ published images of the four pages, the story made national headlines. In less than a year, TMZ had become a dominant venue for celebrity news. Our mission was to be aspirational—something that was pretty, shot in a certain kind of light, people looking good.

TMZ never really did that. Kennedy sunbathing on the deck of a yacht, in the company of four topless women. It was widely circulated. By the end of the day, the Smoking Gun revealed that the photo had been lifted from the November, , issue of Playboy , and showed a male model, not J. At TMZ, tips often turn into stories within minutes. On January 20, , at a. Two minutes later, a senior news producer confirmed the arrest from an online database.

At a. Over the years, he has trained many employees in the art of court reporting. Currently, TMZ has three reporters stationed full-time at the courthouse; the Los Angeles Times has one court reporter. In May, , the judge overseeing the case of a man who allegedly extorted Stevie Wonder caught a TMZ cameraman illicitly taping the courtroom proceedings.

According to a former TMZ news reporter, documents constantly flowed into the office from the courthouse. Levin also maintained close relationships with defense attorneys. Many of them received free publicity on TMZ, and were referred to by cheeky nicknames. Laura Wasser, a divorce attorney, was the Disso-Queen. This nickname has appeared on TMZ hundreds of times. In October, , Kim Kardashian, a Wasser client, filed to divorce Kris Humphries, the basketball player, after seventy-two days of marriage.

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TMZ published exclusive images of the divorce papers moments after Wasser filed them in court. Multiple sources told me that Levin is close to Shawn Holley, a lawyer who has represented Lindsay Lohan and other celebrities. In , when Lohan went on trial for theft, TMZ repeatedly posted confidential information. The presiding judge compared the site to the C. The success of the Web site inspired Levin to branch out. He started celebrity-spotting bus tours in L. Some stars call ahead with their location, and then act surprised when the bus drives by.

Instead of taking a corner office, he placed his desk on a riser in the center of the newsroom, creating an editorial panopticon. On TV, Levin always appears congenial, but, according to numerous accounts, when the cameras switch off he often turns abrasive and domineering. The former senior producer remembered Levin impetuously firing people. In , Taryn Hillin, a former TMZ writer, took legal action, alleging sexual discrimination and unlawful termination.

Dozens of current and former employees characterized the TMZ offices as an uncomfortable workplace. He described employees regularly gathering around computer monitors to watch footage of celebrities having sex. Stills from these clips appeared on TMZ. Many people declined to discuss TMZ on the record, citing nondisclosure agreements and a fear of antagonizing Levin. One former employee came to lunch in a disguise, worried that she might be recognized speaking to a reporter.

Levin continued to break big stories. TMZ reporters sneaked into the tournament and recorded sponsored performances by Chicago and Sheryl Crow, and took photographs of Tiffany gift bags that were being distributed to guests. Waltzer told me that Levin prepared the quote for him. Five months after the Northern Trust story, Michael Jackson died. Ed Winter, the L. In January, , an anonymous tipster, using a voice modulator to disguise her identity, called TMZ, offering to sell a compromising video of Justin Bieber.

Levin faced a tough decision. The News of the World published the photos. Two years later, Levin declined to post voice mails and lewd text messages that purportedly had been sent by the quarterback Brett Favre to a New York Jets gameday host. Deadspin published the messages. Levin claims to live by a code that precludes him from crossing certain lines, such as targeting minors or policing bedroom affairs. When she sent him a gift basket, Levin refused that, too. She declined repeated requests for comment. She also fostered relationships with hackers.

At the house, Andy Mauer gave Kaplan an envelope containing a check for about eighty thousand dollars. Kaplan drove to the Burbank airport and caught the next flight to Las Vegas. He rented a car and headed to an apartment building on the outskirts of the city. On the second floor, a middle-aged African-American woman in an oversized T-shirt answered the door. I got on the next flight back to Burbank. In the newsroom, staffers made preparations to publish.

You find neighbors. You find associates and friends. You find affected groups.

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You call the record label, you call the N. A source close to the situation told me that when Bieber was informed of the leak he broke down, confessing that he had made the video a while back, as a joke, and that he thought he had deleted it from his laptop, which was later stolen. In the morning, Braun and Levin spoke again. Bieber later called Levin and thanked him. In the lecture at the University of Chicago Law School, Levin hinted at his calculations in such moments.

Twenty-four hours after the Bieber video came in, the newsroom learned that Levin had decided not to run the story. Celebrity secrets are treated like commodities at TMZ, not unlike the way they were treated by J. Older gossip publications followed this strategy as well.

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In the months before TMZ obtained the video, its coverage of Bieber had often been antagonistic; it ran a post suggesting that he had hit a twelve-year-old boy during a game of laser tag. Unbeknownst to Levin, the seller had continued to shop around copies of the footage. Radar Online also owned a copy of the footage.

A few weeks after TMZ acquired the Bieber video, Charlie Sheen was rushed to the hospital following a party at his house involving wine, cocaine, and sex workers. Kevin Blatt, a source for TMZ who also worked in the pornography industry, got a call a few hours later from an adult-film director. Blatt drove across town to see her. The National Enquirer also seeks photographic and video evidence, but when it is not available the Enquirer will subject sources to polygraph examinations.

Levin, in the absence of video, generally tells his reporters to keep digging. Roskop said that Sheen had written her a thirty-thousand-dollar check, which she had already deposited. Blatt drove with her to her bank, photographed the check, and brokered a deal, in which, according to Blatt and Roskop, Roskop sold TMZ the licensing rights to the image for roughly eight thousand dollars.

Blatt took fifteen per cent, as his commission. TMZ also bought a screen shot of a text in which she informed Sheen that she was pregnant. Though Levin did not post explicit videos on TMZ, he was adept at translating the existence of a tape into news, Blatt said. Blatt gave the Shakur tip to Mike Walters. It showed Shakur receiving oral sex. Several paparazzi stood outside, fiddling with their cameras.

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