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Dawn M. Book-Art Press Solutions. Cutillo explains to frustrated women why stubborn weight is related to their hormones. Barb Drozdowich. This book is for authors who have finished a wonderfully creative story but are intimidated by the next steps. Marek Maria Pienkowski with Linda M. Take the first steps on a journey of transformation.

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A devout Christian explores extraterrestrials, the parapsychic, vampires, UFOs, and government cover-ups—some of the biggest mysteries of our time. Kerby T. Alvy clarifies the many and interrelated responsibilities of parents, defines what parenting errors are, and provides a unique approach to solving them.

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James R. A retired instrumentation engineer presents practical concepts for making perpetual calendars a common household and office item, and includes designs for desk, wall, and pocket calendars, photo holders, and more. Makena McChesney. Balboa Press. A memoir of 12 years in a nondenominational Christian fellowship that, due to the teachings and mind control of a charismatic pastor, eventuated in becoming a cult. Following years of abuse and neglect, Minh Phuong escapes Vietnam by boat, but the memories of her past continue to haunt her.

When we learn to find a stillness in our hearts, minds, and bodies, we have a chance to create our own happiness, to get closer to our supreme self. Gary Marting. Marting looks back at his life, including how he overcame childhood abuse, bullying, and juvenile delinquency to reach his dream of becoming an FBI agent. Susan Barber. Ali Jensen, illus. Two young girls and their bunny dream about the multiple professions they can be when they grow up e.

These little ladies know no bounds. High schooler Hannah struggles with her weight and often finds herself friend-zoned.

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The life of J. Pips, a young British bulldog, is turned upside down when his beloved brother is dognapped. Cheryl Rosenbloom Levet. In this picture book, the symbols of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, come to life while the characters learn an important lesson about working together. This book is so simple that the illustrations alone will guide readers to learn to draw. No words are needed to explain.

Virginia Burton Stringer, illus. A fairy tale about an impetuous, spoiled, entitled little princess who gets her way with tantrums, deceptions, and even lies. Part novel, part self-help guide for teenage girls to learn how to head toward success. The book deals with important topics, including STDs, pregnancy, and trust. Wagering with a demon for your soul is one thing, but what do you do when that demon captures the soul of someone you love? The sequel to November in Salem.

The ultimate battle between purity and evil. Pureness of spirit meets diabolical corruption in this tale of heroism. Is November really the woman who can stop the demon Astaroth? A young porcupine and his friend spend a fun-filled day on a forest adventure, learning fascinating information about trees. Kristen Bottger, illus.

New Titles from Self-Publishers: August 2018

Marie and Albert learn how gravity works after they accidentally turn it off. They race to save their classmates from floating away and learn a shocking secret about their school. Steve McCoy-Thompson, illus. Frankie Brown joins Churchill, Eisenhower, and a misfit group of spies and scientists to prepare for D-Day, and uses his odd talent to save his father and find the true measure of a hero.

Christopher Knott-Craig, illus. A coming-of-age novel about an orphan growing up in New York City. Life keeps knocking year-old Alan down. Does he have the courage to get back up? Subscribers: to set up your digital access click here. To subscribe, click here. Edited by Eugene E.

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F Chronicles: The Krenaran Massacre. Battle Beyond Earth: Invasion. Nick S. Starfist: Double Jeopardy. The Final Battle. William C. Starfist: A World of Hurt. F Chronicles: E. F resurgent. MacArthur's War. Douglas Niles. Fleet Of The Damned. Chris Bunch. Naero's War: The High Crusade. Mason Elliott. The Battle of Midway True Combat. Al Cimino.

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Steven L. War of the Sun. Mack Maloney. The Last Charge. Edmond Barrett. The Clone Elite.

Michael R. The Clone Alliance. Ghost Fleet. The Shiva Option. David Weber. Bringers of Hell. Travis S. War of the Coffee Bean. Glenn Scrimshaw.

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Fall of the Terran Empire. Brian Jeffreys. Kel Sandhu. Brothers in Arms.