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She saw a market that wasn't being met, and created a solution to a problem no one else seemed interested in solving.

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As you can imagine, during her time she had to fight tooth and nail for every step up the ladder. A smart, strategic, and enterprising woman, she perfectly embodies the entrepreneurial spirit with stylish hair to match. You can't really make a self-respecting "famous entrepreneurs" list without throwing in Steve Jobs. Jobs dropped out of college because his family couldn't handle the financial burden of his education.

He unofficially continued to audit classes, living off free meals from the local Hare Krishna temple and returning Coke bottles for change just to get by. Jobs credited the calligraphy class he stopped in on as his inspiration for the Mac's revolutionary typefaces and font design. Jobs went on to have an unbelievable career, eventually forming the Apple Computer Company with his childhood friend and electronics expert Steve Wozniak.

Often referred to as "The Grandfather of the Digital Revolution," Jobs forever changed the consumer electronics industry. Just hearing Andrew Carnegie's name brings back yawns and daydream distractions from high school history class. I had no interest in Carnegie back in school, but today he serves as a pretty amazing example of entrepreneurship.

Carnegie had a really rough life growing up. He spent his childhood working in factories, and at night he forced himself to sleep as a way to forget his constant hunger. Carnegie eventually worked his way up to becoming a superintendent for the Pennsylvania Railroad Company before creating several of his own businesses, the most successful being the Carnegie Steel Mill.

Despite being one of the richest Americans of all-time, he also serves as a class act example of generosity. Following his belief that "the man who dies rich dies disgraced," Carnegie donated nearly 90 percent of his wealth to various charities and foundations.

Are We Raising Our Children to be Poor?

His is widely considered one of the largest benefactors of libraries and educational institutions across the country. Thank you, Carnegie, for giving a second home to us nerdy kids who practically lived in our local libraries. Only an entrepreneur would conduct some of the wacky experiments old Benny was always up to. Like many famous entrepreneurs before and after him, Franklin was a man of a thousand hats.

Scientist, printer, politician, inventor, author, diplomat, and savvy businessman were just a few of his many trades. One of the world's wealthiest individuals of all time, Rockefeller was born the son of a traveling salesman. He showed early entrepreneurial promise selling candy and doing odd jobs for neighbors, eventually going on to become the founder of the Standard Oil Company. There's no business quite like oil business, and it made Rockefeller filthy rich. Hans Christian Anderson's fierce determination and self-starter mentality make him another great example of a famous entrepreneur.

Anderson grew up poor, but set off alone to Copenhagen at 14 when a fortuneteller told him that although he would suffer early on, eventually he would become famous. Those predictions came true, as Anderson first tried and failed to become actor and singer. This site requires JavaScript.

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In stock online. Not available in stores. Mistakes, misreads, misplays, miscalculations: all can end in missed opportunities that may never come again. The struggles of the poor demand courage, stamina, constant re-ordering of priorities, and the need for winning strategies. Author Anthony Belli is a millionaire high-performance salesman and sales force manager who grew up dirt poor in East Harlem, New York.

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Often hungry and without a cent in his pocket, as a child, Belli became expert in the highly creative art of person-to-person negotiation using a variety of risk- managed, cash-producing techniques to underwrite his next slice of pizza, tactics he describes as "eating without stealing. Belli's hard-earned insights defy conventional sales training wisdom by valuing humility, creativity, attention, and improvisation over the vaunted one-two punch of ceaseless script recitation accompanied by free samples.

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See our disclaimer. Belli's wholly unconventional, ghetto-tested strategies include: Minimize cold-calling: Using customers' networks to supply your pipeline Recognition that sales are driven by emotions--not logic, and not price Playing dumb: When to talk and when to shut up Why hope is your enemy--and reality your friend Ways to play a last-minute balky customer Prioritizing for profit And more! Customer Reviews.

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